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Gabriella's Ferris Wheel

Gabriella has been working hard on her Ferris Wheel - click on the page to see a video of how amazing it is! 



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I had it for Christmas but didn't make it then so nanny suggested one day to me in lockdown to make it. I made it with knex to make it I had to connect the plastic knex together and make a tower like structure so I could put the motor on it the mother is powered by battery's and I had to then put cogges on so It wod be able to connect together and the other side. Then I had to make the actual wheel else it wouldn't be a ferris WHEEL! Once I made the wheel I made the seats little dolls can sit on them but it needs to be equily seated else the balance of where the dolls are seated will make the wheel lean to one side and it will not go around. There is a problom with it three or four seats are lower than the others so it will get stuc