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19th - Tuesday

Good morning! Here is another video from the staff at Maybury for you:


Use the text from yesterday to answer the questions and go through the answers. Make sure to pick out key information in the questions to help you!


We are going to be reminding ourselves of key features of fact files so we can make sure we have them when we write our own.

Look through the different fact files and check what features they have from the checklist. Some of the fact files are from comprehensions but you don't need to answer the questions - just use the checklist to pick out the key features.


We are moving onto dividing by grouping today. Here are some videos to explain how to do it:

The most important thing about grouping is to remember to have groups that match the number you are dividing by.

1 star - Choose 8 questions to answer using dividing by grouping.

2 star - Choose 8 questions to answer using dividing by grouping.

3 star - Use grouping to divide and find the remainders.


Complete an activity on your active learn or edshed. Alternatively, you could practise your spelling lists at home.


I would like you to design your own stone age outfit today. Use the information slides to learn about what sorts of amterials you would have and carefully design and label the materials you plan to use. If you have some spare material at home, you could even try to make a model! Make sure you get an adult to help you.