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22nd - Friday

Good morning, Manta Rays. Well done for working so hard on your home learning for this half term! I am very proud of all of you for carrying on with your school learning!


Please log on to your scholastic account and explore. I have set some books for you all but you can also choose other books to read too and there are quizzes to complete. You should have had an email from the school with your login details.


In our final day of this week on non-fiction, I would like you to combine all of th skills we have looked at this week and write out your fact file. Make sure to use your plan so your research and information are in related paragraphs. Use the checklist to make sure you have all of the key features as well as:

  • Capital letters
  • Full stops
  • Commas
  • Underlined subheadings and headings
  • Paragraphs or fact boxes

I would love to see some of your fact files if you want to send them to me. You could also type them up instead of writing them out if you want.


For today's maths lesson, we are going to be using short division and having a remainder left over after we have finished calculating. All we need to do with this remainder is put it after the answer with an 'r'. For example:

23 ÷ 4 = 5 r 3 (because it doesn't divide equally so we have some left over but 20 ÷ 4 = 5).

Watch this video to see a visual way of working it out:

Then watch this video to see how to use the short division method:

I understand that this can be tricky so please choose your star levels carefully and if you really don't want to do the short division method, you can use the grouping or drawing the remainders instead.

Remember that I am only an email away if you want some advice about using this method!

1 star - short division with no remainders at the end.

2 star - short division with remainders at the end (dividing 2 or 3 digit numbers).

3 star - short division with remainders at the end (dividing 3 digit numbers).

Challenge - dividing 4 digit numbers and using knowledge of times tables to predict if there will be a remainder.


Watch Mr Fraser's video and try out his challenge for this week.

Learning for Life

I would like for you to take some time to think about how amazing you all are for lots of different reasons at the moment and I hope that you all know how amazing you are!

Use the 'I am amazing' sheet as a guide for making a poster about how amazing you are in different areas.


Have a nice half term and stay safe!