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Friday 10th July

** Please can school reading books and library books be returned to school so they can be cleaned ready for September **

Good morning Seahorses.


Please complete todays year 1 phonic lesson on the Letters and Sounds Website.


Today we are going to write sentences about dinosaurs. First listen to this great story Dinosaurs Galore. What do you like about the story? Can you remember the name of any of the dinosaurs?

Now have a go at completing the activity below.

The worksheet and answers are saved at the bottom of this page. I have put the harder set of sentences here on the website but there are also easier options saved at the bottom of this page. Copy the sentences out into your home learning book.


Mental Maths:  There are 19 lollies in the jar. 11 of them are eaten. How many are left?

Today we are going to be recapping on telling the time. The powerpoint saved below is a good reminder about clocks and telling the time.

For half past times. The long minute hand points to the six and the short hour time is half way past the hour.

Now watch the PowerPoint about half past times saved below.

Have a go at writing down the half past time that each clock shows below.

Design and Technology

This afternoon have a go at making your own analogue clock. A paper plate works well or just draw one on paper. Please email in your finished designs to

I would love to see some colourful clocks.