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Friday 15th January

Mental Maths 


Watch video:

Spr2.3.3 - Make equal groups - grouping (recap) on Vimeo and complete sheet in resources. Mark work using answers in resources. 



Watch the video:

(1) Lesson 133 - Year 1 (Summer Term) - YouTube

Complete the CGP sheet on vowel sounds page 36-37 in the English book (purple one). Mark your work using the answers in the back of the book. 


Read the 'A Trip to the Shop' text on page 7 of your CGP comprehension sheet. 


Yesterday you wrote your own story using your story plan. Today I would like you to re read your story and underline the adjectives.  Could you add any more adjectives using the wordmat in the resources.  Today the focus is publishing your work.  Write your story out again ensuring that you take care with your handwriting, finger spaces and punctuation. You could use the sheet in the resources if you have a printer.  Otherwise write the story again in your home learning book. 


Today we are thinking about online safety.  This is particularly important while you are working at home.

Look at the powerpoint that describes how we can judge whether a website is appropriate for us to use at home. 

Then look at the website sheet in the resources and decide which would be appropriate for children and which would not be appropriate. 

Extension: If you have extra time, you could create a poster about the importance of children being careful to choose suitable websites at home. 


This week we are thinking about the creation story.  Christians believe that God created the world in 7 days.  Look at the powerpoint story and make a note of what happens each day.  Now I would like you to story board what happens each day.  There is a sheet that you can use or just divide your book into 7 sections.  Draw a picture and write a sentence to describe each day.  

Extension: how do you think the World was created?  I would love to hear your beliefs and ideas (send me your work via email). 


You listen along to our assembly from home today:

Please email us if you need the password.