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Friday 17th July

Well done Seahorses. We have made it to the last day of term. We are so sad that not all of you were able to come back but we will be just next door in September so we will still be able to see you. Have an amazing summer. 

Please try to keep reading, writing and practising your maths over the summer break. 


Please complete todays year 1 phonic lesson on the Letters and Sounds Website.


Today we are going to be writing a book review for the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.

First watch the story using the link below.

Now try and answer the following questions about the book. You can talk about them, draw pictures or write the answer for each question in your home learning book or print out the template saved below.

What is the setting?
Who is the main character?

What happens first?
What happens next?

What happens last?


Mental Maths:Which shape shows one half and which shape shows one quarter? 

Today we are going to continue with comparing times. Have a go at answering the questions below in green and then complete the comparing times activity about the different dogs. 

Design and Technology

This afternoon have a go at making your own cardboard tube pirate. A kitchen roll tube or toilet roll will be perfect to use.