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Friday 22nd May

Good Morning Everyone! 

I hope you are all excited for the quiz today! 

The quiz will be at 2:30 today, here is the link:

The Code is: 196503

Morning maths 

Your TTRS competition will continue through half term so keep going!


Today you are going to be editing and improving your biography, choose one paragraph and spend half an hour improving it thinking about your sentence structure, punctuation and particularly your noun phrases. Once you have edited write up in neat or you could type it up. 


Today I would like you to have a go at activity 3 on the BBC bitesize website:


I know we don't usually do science on a Friday but we are going to do it instead of maths today. Use the BBC bitesize link to learn more about magnets:

I am not setting any learning for this afternoon as we are going to have our quiz


Have a great half time everyone - make sure you get out in the sunshine lots! Spend some time relaxing so you are refreshed for summer 2!