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Friday 22nd May


Today we are learning to use apostrophes to form contracted words.  For example: would not becomes wouldn't.  Remember that the apostrophe shows where the missing letter(s) would have been. 

First have a go at the powerpoint quiz and then see if you can complete the table below (find the answers in the resources below):

Original words Contracted form Sentence         
would not wouldn't I wouldn't want to eat snails.
could not couldn't  
did not    
should not    
is not    


Mark your literacy work.  Did you make any spelling mistakes?  Practise spellings these contractions. Can you think of any other contractions?  List them into your home learning book.


Lesson 5: Friday is challenge day on Bitesize Daily!

Today you have a series of challenges to test your problem-solving skills. Each one gets a bit more difficult, so see how many you and your family can do together!  Think about what you can draw to help you to solve the problems.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to check your answers!


Use the common exception word handwriting sheet.  Practise writing them in the air with your finger or write them into your home learning book.


Have seaside resorts changed since the past?  Look at the powerpoint presentation and make a list of the things that are the same and different now.  Can you make a seaside puppet theatre?  Look at the instructions in the resources below. If you manage to make a theatre, please send us a picture - we would love to see your creativity.


Read the text 'Antarctic Gazette' and answer the questions in your home learning book.  Predict what you think will happen next.