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Friday 22nd May


Today we will be using the oak academy lesson today to compare numbers within 100 on a number line.

First watch the video and then pause it and the places it asks you and complete the activities.

On the website you can click on next activity to see what you have to do or they are posted just below. I have put the answers on as well but please don’t look at them until you have completed the activities. There is also a quiz on the website that you can complete at the beginning and end to test your knowledge.



Look carefully at the picture of the monster. What colour is he? How many eyes does he have? Do you think he is friendly or scary?

Look at the words that are in the box below write out a list of words and phrases that could be used to describe the monster. For example orange and hairy are good words to describe this monster but tiny and green are not. Only write down words and phrases that could describe this monster.

Now have a go at writing your own sentences to describe the monster. Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. You can use the words that you wrote in your list.

For example. The monster has a big smile and two bright blue eyes. He lives in a dark cave and is very lonely because he lives all by himself.

Remember to use your imagination as well.


Today in History we are going to be looking at Queen Elizabeth I. Who was she?

Elizabeth I was Queen of England, Ireland and Wales from 1558-1603.

Watch this short animation to learn about the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

Complete activity one on the website to see if you can remember the key events from Elizabeth I’s life.

You can use the DK website to help you find out more information. Please email me your fact sheet when you have finished.