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Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday Dolphins, today is our last day of half term, I just wanted to say well done to you all for all of your lovely learning you have sent to me. I have put it on our learning at home page, please add your comments! I am very proud of all of you for how you have coped with this extremely difficult time!

The quiz will be today at 1:00pm so please visit and use the quiz code 354193 to join in the fun!



Today we are finishing our lessons on missing angles- we are finding missing angles in quadrilaterals. Watch the video and work through the activities when instructed to at



Reread the extract from ‘Ethan’s Voice’ and then answer the questions about the text. Think about our cracking comprehension lessons and the strategies we used to help us answer the questions, what is the question asking you? What information do you need in the answer? Have you got enough detail for the marks awarded?

The answers are in a separate document for you to mark once you have finished.



Today you are writing your set of instruction for how to catch the creatures you have read about in previous lessons. Watch the video and recap the key features you need to include and what you can do to make it an outstanding piece of writing.

Once you think you are finished please make sure you reread them twice and out loud so you can spot any mistakes! Then please sent them to me so I can see all of your hard work and give out some dojos.



We are continuing with our light topic. Last week you made your own prisms at home and today we are finding out more about them. Read through the Powerpoint explaining how prisms can be used to show the colour spectrum. Read through the information and then have a go at making a colour wheel of your own!



Use the Oak National Academy website to learn about pulse and rhythm.



As it is the half term holidays now I will give you some homework to keep you occupied and to keep our methods and strategies fresh in your mind.

Reading: Use the attached reading homework booklet and texts. Do one text a day starting with running. Then answer questions 1-14 in the booklet. If you cannot print the documents out just answer them in your yellow books.

GAPS: Complete the Set B Paper 1 test from pack one and ask an adult to test you on the spellings too. They are in the answer booklet. Once you have completed it all mark it with an adult.

Maths: Complete all of Set A of the Maths pack one. That is the arithmetic test and two reasoning tests. I know we have done some pages already but please complete the booklets. Once you have completed them get an adult to mark them with you. 

Email me your scores and I will give dojos to the children that improve on their scores. If you have a particular area you know you need to revise make sure you are using your time at home to do so.

I have also been checking who has logged onto TTRS, Ed shed, Read Theory and Scholastic learning zone- please make sure you keep using these! Choose at least 1 a day to go on and spend 20 minutes bumping up your scores. I will be giving dojos for people logging on regularly. We are currently losing to Seahorses who are Year 1. If you have forgotten your login details just email me and I can send them to you :)



Quiz no.7 results:

Thank you to all of the children that joined in!

The results are in and the top 5 are as follows:

1st place:             Ritika                         10 dojos

2nd place:           Kaynaat                      6 dojos

3rd place:            Anandita                     5 dojos

4th place:            Srithar                         4 dojos

5th place:            Ayesha Ah                   3 dojos

All other participants can have 1 dojo for taking part! Next week is a holiday but we will return to our quizzes after half term!