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Friday 26th February

Don't forget our Zoom Jellyfish catch up at 1pm today - see email sent on Tuesday. 


Don't forget to watch our assembly today:

Let us know if you need the password to access our assemblies. 

Mental Maths

Complete pages 42-43 from your CGP Maths Arithmetic 10 minute weekly workout book.  You can mark your work using the answers in the back.


See the source image

Watch the video on counting faces on 3D shapes:

Then complete pages 60-61 from your Maths CGP book. 

You might also like to go on a shape hunt around your house to see if you can find any of the 3D shapes mentioned today. 


Ask someone to test you on your spellings today.  your spelling words can be found in the phonics powerpoint below. 


Read and answer the questions from 'Plum' in your CGP comprehension book on page 12. 


Today you are going to use your story map to write the Lost and Found story you planned yesterday. Remember to use because and when and include questions in your story. Feel free to type your story on the computer if you would like to. 


Complete a handwriting sheet from your handwriting pack. 


Image result for Fair Trade Goods

In our assembly this morning we looked at Fair Trade. Watch the video clip below:

Can you create a Fair Trade poster to advertise why buyers should buy Fair Trade products? 


Choose an activity from the Active Video Links in the resources or do PE with Joe Wicks: PE With Joe - YouTube