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Friday 6th November


Today we are focusing on retrieving information from a text. Read the text and then answer the questions about the text. Make sure you read the text carefully and look for what the question is asking you to answer. The answers are at the bottom of today’s page, if you get an answer wrong edit it in green pen.



Today we are going to be writing a character description of Jim Jarvis. Read the Prologue and chapter 1 of ‘Street Child’. Then I would like you to create a character profile for Jim using the format we used yesterday for your characters. Use these ideas to write a ‘show mw, don’t tell me’ description.



Today we do our times table CGP book. I have attached the pages if you do not have the book  at home. Please time yourself- 10 minutes and then mark them and please sent me your score so I can add it to out progress table. I will be giving dojos as usual.



Today you will be revising this week’s learning. We will be working from your green arithmetic book. You can choose your level of challenge today but I really want you to try and push yourself! Start with page 35 (adding fractions with the same denominator) then move onto page 36 (changing one denominator) and then if you really want a tricky challenge try page 37 (changing both denominators). Mark each page before you move onto the next and don’t forget to go back and correct in green pen!



Complete the handwriting words, remember to focus on your pen grip and seating position. Quality over quantity!



Today we are learning about music notation. Read through the Powerpoint and complete the activities. Once you have created your own music mix up then answer the questions about the notes you have learnt about.



Please complete pages 2 and 3 in your orange reading comprehension CGP book. We have not used it before, it has a wolf on the front of it. Bring this book in on Monday and we will mark it together.