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Last week at Maybury, we celebrated the culture of different countries around the world for International Week. Year 4 learnt all about China. 

For your home learning over half term, I would like you to create a poster to celebrate the culture of a country of your choice. It could be the country you were born in; a country you have visited or one you are interested in finding out about.

Information you may want to include:

·         A map of the world to show where your chosen country is.

·         Key cities / landmarks / rivers in your chosen country.

·         Clothing

·         Food

·         Attractions

·         Cooking (you may want to have a go at cooking a dish and take a photo to include on your poster)

·         Weather / climate / terrain

·         Photos of you in the country if you have visited it.

·         Simple phrases in the language spoken in your chosen country.

·         Key facts e.g. population, famous people etc.

Due to the current situation, we are trying to reduce the number of items coming into school so please do not bring your poster in to school but instead send a photo to the class e-mail address as I would love to take a look at it and share your wonderful posters with the rest of the children when we return to school after half term. 


Please complete the Autumn Maths Pack sent home in your reading plastic wallet. Answers to the pack are attached below. 


Spook-tacular reading Comprehension Pack 

Please also continue to learn Spellings (Week 2 will be tested on first week back), play TTRS and EdShed.