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Jellyfish Home Learning

 If you need to contact your teachers, please email:  Please be aware that we won't check it as often during the Easter holidays though

********* Happy Easter Holidays **********

We will not be setting daily home learning over the two week Easter holidays.  If the school remains closed after Easter, we will resume setting work on Monday 20th April.  In the meantime, try some of the below ideas that were set in the newsletter yesterday:

  • Have a tea party/indoor picnic for the people in your household.  Can you also create invitations and menus for it?
  • Build a den using blankets
  • Make sock puppets with old socks and create a little show
  • Make and decorate biscuits
  • Create a Easter egg or treasure hunt with clues
  • Look at family photos together
  • Make paper aeroplanes and have a race
  • Freeze toys in ice (put them in the freezer with some water) and then rescue them
  • Make up your own dance routine
  • Create your own computer art using Paint
  • Create something new using junk modelling

Or you might also like to create a happiness jar: 

If you don’t have a jar: a box, tub or bag will do.  Decorate it to make it look special for you.  Then add the things that make you happy to the jar on bits of paper.  Mrs Butler’s children made their own jars and found it helpful to focus on all the happy things in their lives.  You can then get your jar out whenever you are feeling sad and it will remind you of all the happy things in your life. 

Also watch our staff video to bring a bit of happiness to your Easter Holidays!