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Jellyfish Home Learning

Our class email address is

Please go through the home learning with your child. The answers are at the back of the CGP books. Please make corrections or tick with a coloured pencil. 

Messages from Mrs Zalman

  • To get into TTRS, please follow this link to login. Make sure to log in with a password not a pin.
  • I would like to share this great game to help the children find money totals:
  • We will be checking reading diaries every Friday to count how many times the children have read in a week. We have set the minimum to 3 times a week for which they will earn 1 sticker. They will get 2 stickers for 5 times and 3 stickers for 7 times. Please make sure you are writing in their diary every time they read - the date, which book and a short comment on their reading. Thank you.

Home Learning 21.11.23 - Due back 27.11.23

Maths CGP - Page 18 (Adding)

Grammar CGP - Page 27 (Long 'e' sound)

Home Learning 15.11.23 - Due back 20.11.23

Maths CGP - Page 8 (Twos, threes, fives and tens)

Grammar CGP - Page 10 (Using and, but and or).

Home Learning 08.11.23 - Due back 13.11.23

Maths CGP -  Page 11 (comparing and ordering numbers)

Grammar CGP - Page 26 (ai sound)

Home Learning 10.10.23 - Due back 17.10.23

Maths CGP - Page 37 (Money)

Reading - please complete the Trolls comprehension

Home Learning 03.10.23 - Due back 09.10.23

Maths CGP book - Page 17 (Adding)

Grammar CGP - 16 (capital letters and full stops)

Home Learning 26.09.23 - Due back 02.10.23

Maths CGP book - Page 16 (Number bonds)

Grammar CGP book - Page 3 (Noun phrases)

Home Learning 19.09.23  -Due back 25.09.23

Maths CGP book - Page 9 (The number line)

Grammar CGP book - Page 2 (Nouns)

Home Learning 12.09.23 - Due back 18.09.23

Maths CGP book - Page 6 (Place Value)

Grammar CGP book - Page 6 (Adjectives)