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Jellyfish Home Learning

Our class email address is

Please go through the home learning with your child. The answers are at the back of the CGP books. Please make corrections or tick with a coloured pencil. 

Messages from Mrs Zalman

  • As we are currently looking at money in maths, I would like to share this great game to help the children find money totals:
  • We will be checking reading diaries every Friday to count how many times the children have read in a week. We have set the minimum to 3 times a week for which they will earn 1 sticker. They will get 2 stickers for 5 times and 3 stickers for 7 times. Please make sure you are writing in their diary every time they read - the date, which book and a short comment on their reading. Thank you.

Home Learning 10.05.23 - Due 18.05.23

Maths CGP - Page 54-55 (Block diagrams and Pictograms)

Reading comprehension - Paper sheet on ladybirds. Please go through the answers together after it has been completed to help with understanding.

Home Learning 25.04.23 - Due 02.05.23

Maths CGP - Page 28 (Quarters and thirds)

Grammar CGP - Pages 26 - 27 (ai and long e sounds)

Home Learning 02.03.23 - Due 06.03.23

Maths CGP - Page 39 (Time)

Grammer CGP - Page 20 (Apostrophes for missing letters)

We are learning to tell the time this week so any extra practice at home would be very helpful.


Home Learning 02.02.23 - Due Monday 06.02.23

In Literacy, we are looking at diary writing. Next week, we will be writing a diary about our weekend. To help prepare for this, home learning this week is to make notes about what you are doing this weekend and bring it to school on Monday to help with our writing. It doesn’t need to be lots of detail or even full sentences – just notes, key words or bullet points.

Home Learning 11.01.23 - Due 16.01.23

Maths CGP - Page 41(Flat 2D shapes)

Jellyfish Holiday Home Learning 16.12.22

  • Please read at least 10 times.
  • Practice number bonds to 10 on Hit the Button (Top Marks website link can be found on the Jellyfish class page).
  • Our new topic in History is going to be the Great Fire of London. Please look up some facts about Firefighters and make a poster about them – you can include lots of pictures too!

Home Learning 22.11.22 - Due 28.11.22

Maths CGP - Page 38 (Sums of money)

Comprehension CGP - Page 3 (Seasons)

Home Learning (from 15.11.22) - Due 21.11.22

Reading Comprehension CGP - Page 2

Home learning 08.11.22 - Due 14.11.22

Grammar CGP - Page 10 (Using and, but and or)

Maths CGP - Page 37 (Money)

Home Learning 01.11.22 - Due 07.11.22

Comprehension CGP - Page 1 (How to grow a seed)

Half Term Home Learning - due 01.11.22

Grammar CGP - Page 2 (nouns)

Maths CGP - Page 11 (comparing and ordering numbers

Project: For our new Geography topic, we are going to be learning about the Safari and Africa. Please draw a detailed picture or make a model of an animal you might see on a safari - do some research to find out which animals there might be! You can make your model out of anything you want (lego, playdough, biscuits, pipe cleaners, etc). Don't forget to send a picture to the Jellyfish email!

Home learning 11.10.22 - Due 17.10.22

Grammar CGP - Page 16 (Capital letters and full stops) and page 17 (question marks and exclamation marks)

Home Learning 04.10.22 - Due 10.10.22

Maths CGP - Page 16 (Number bonds)

Grammar CGP - Page 8 (Types of sentences)

Home Learning 27.09.22

Maths CGP - Page 10 (Partitioning)

Grammar CGP - Page 6 (Adjectives)