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Morning Angelfish. 

Please find below your home learning for today. I will also set the learning on Google Classroom so you can ask questions,  send messages and attach pictures of your learning for me to see. 

Please try to use Google Classroom as much as possible so I can see your learning and monitor learning completed. Don't forget to use the 'Mark as Done' button to show you have completed the task. 

Please click the link here ---> Wonde <--- to type in your Emoji password to log in to Google Classroom. 

 If you are unable to send learning via Google Classroom, please send it to the class e-mail address 

You will need to either complete your learning using the CGP books for any pages given or using the purple book you were given earlier this year. 


Watch this John Lewis Christmas Advert and retell the story in your purple books. You should send a picture of your story to the class e-mail or on Google Classroom. You could type up your story on the computer to send it to me if you would prefer. 

Watch the John Lewis Christmas advert 2020: 'Give a Little Love' - YouTube


Listen and follow along to 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' Chapters 16 and 17. You should then write a short summary of what the chapters  are about and send it to the class e-mail address. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl Chapter 16 & Chapter 17 - YouTube

It is very important that you listen carefully as we will be using this story for our learning in January!


Complete pages 2-7 of the CGP Year 4 10-minute weekly Workouts book (Autumn Term:Workout 1, Autumn Term:Workout 2 and Autumn Term:Workout 3.). 

The answers are in the back of the book for you to mark your own learning. 

Please note: This is the SMALL Maths book you were given NOT the one we have been doing our weekly home learning in. 


Complete pages 4 and 5 of the CGP Handwriting Book (Alphabet Adverbs) 

Times Tables 

Play Times Table Rockstars for at least 20 minutes. I will be checking to see when you last logged on and how long you played for. 

Writing Workshop 

Please complete GPS CGP Book pages 68 and 69 (Prefixes - 'dis' and 'mis') 


Open up and read 'The Water Cycle' PowerPoint below. You should then use your Purple books to draw and label a diagram of the water cycle. Use the sheets below to help with this. The answers are in the PowerPoint. 

I hope you have all been able to get on with your home learning okay today. Please make sure you have made contact with me either through Google Classroom or the class e-mail address. 

Home Learning for the rest of the week will be added to new tabs on this website and will be scheduled daily using Google Classroom.