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Monday 25th January

We hope you had a lovely weekend!  Thank you for all the lovely learning you sent us last week, we can't wait to see today's learning :).


***Mrs Daniell has recorded some videos of herself reading some stories.  If you would like to watch any of these videos, click on CLASS PAGES, scroll down to STORY TIME and choose the story you would like to listen to.  You will need the Vimeo password you were sent.***


Mental Maths

Maths - This week we will be learning about 'statistics'.  Click on the powerpoint below called Making Tally Charts.

***add activity***

Then complete the Monday Maths activity below:


Phonics - Click on the Phonics PowerPoint below and do the activities for Monday only.

Literacy - We are starting a new story this week called The Night Shimmy.

Listen to the story (up to page where Eric meets the girl in the park - 1min 30 sec). Try to answer questions about the story so far (you do not need to write these down).

E.g. What was the boy’s name?

How do you think he was feeling?

Why was he so sad?

Why is the Night Shimmy not a full person?

Is the Night Shimmy real or fake?

What happened when….

Choose the activity below that best suits your child's ability:

  • ordering pictures and text from the story


  • sorting true and false statements about the story

Science - Today we will be learning about world habitats.

Begin by watching the short video about habitats:


Work through the PowerPoint below.

Then choose one of the habitats:

  • ocean
  • Arctic
  • tropical rainforest
  • desert

On the Science activity sheet below, draw a picture of the habitat and do some research in books you may have at home or on the internet to record facts, draw pictures, add labels, etc. to describe the habitat.

Handwriting - open the handwriting document and complete the handwriting activity.  You can print it out or practise the words in your home learning book.

Reading - Please read a book or part of a book you have at home.  Talk about the book or the part you read with an adult.  Ask them to ask you some questions about what you have read, this is called comprehension and is a really good skill to learn.

Assembly - Here is the link to Mrs Merritt's assembly for today about kindness.  You will need the password you were sent to log in: