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Monday 18th January

We hope you had a lovely weekend!

Thank you for all the fantastic learning you have been sending us, you are all working so hard at home.


Mental Maths

Maths - Click on the link and watch the video 'Divide by 2':

Then complete the Monday Maths activity below and check your answers (once you've finished!).

Phonics - Open 'Phonics and Spellings for the week' below.  Go through the slides and do the Monday activity only.  You can choose how many word your child practises.

Literacy - Read the beginning of the original story up to slide 9.

Today you will write the first paragraph of the story – introduce the new animal into the setting (jungle).  DON'T WRITE THE WHOLE STORY, YOU WILL DO A BIT EVERY DAY.

Can you edit and improve your writing?  Look out for:

  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • check it makes sense
  • spelling

Science - Work through the PowerPoint below.

Complete the British Habitats Sorting Activity.  Cut out and match the plants and animals to their habitat.  Make 4 lists if you don't have a printer.

Handwriting - open the handwriting document and complete the handwriting activity.  You can print it out or practise the words in your home learning book.

Reading - Please go on Bug Club and read one of your allocated books.  Please let us know if you need login details.