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Monday 18th May

Well it's the week before half term and two weeks before we might see some of your smiling faces again. We hope you are all well and safe.

Today in Maths we are looking at measurement.

We are measuring height. At the end of the activities it says to measure your friends. Obviously you can't do that yet but maybe you could measure your family?






We are doing suffixes today and tomorrow. Adding ed er or ing to the end of verbs. For example walk can become walking walked and walker.

See the powerpoints below. You don't have to do al the suffixes on the activity sheet today. The 'ing' words can be done tomorrow as that powerpoint is on tomorrow's learning. Be careful though, some of the words don't have all of the suffixes so make sure it makes sense before you write it down.



Normally at this time we would be starting our Growing Plants topic in Science but it's hard to do this without being together. If you have any photos of you gardening, I would love to see them. In the meantime, let's have a look at one of our favourite cereals - cornflakes and where they come from and don't say the supermarket - cheeky! You will need to do some research to help you do the sheet I think. Which of these food items do you think Cornflakes start off as?