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Phase 3

In this phase a further 25 letters & graphemes are taught. The final two sets of letters are taught first.

Set 6: j / v / w / x
Set 7:   y / z, zz / qu

Once Set 6 & 7 have been taught children then learn about graphemes where more than one letter represents a single unit of sound.

ch (as in chip) ar (as in farm)
sh (as in shop) or (as in for)
th (as in thin)* ur (as in hurt)
th (as in then)* ow (as in cow)
ng (as in ring) oi (as in coin)
ai (as in rain) ear (as in dear)
ee (as in feet) air (as in fair)
igh (as in night) ure (as in sure)
oo (as in book)**   er (as in her)
oo (as in boot)**  

* The grapheme 'th' represents more than one sound. You may need to listen closely to hear the difference.

** The grapheme 'oo' also represents more than one sound.

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