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Phase 4

In Phase 4 children learn to further manipulate the letters and graphemes they have been taught in Phases 2 & 3. Up to this point the majority of words presented have been monosyllabic (words with just one syllable). Phase 4 introduces more polysyllabic words.

In this Phase words are often described in relation to how many vowels and consonants they contain:

The word 'cod' is a CVC word (consonant / vowel / consonant). Other CVC examples are; sad, net & him.

The word 'crab' is a CCVC word (consonant / consonant / vowel / consonant). Other examples are; trim, flat & step.

The word 'help' is a CVCC word (consonant / vowel / consonant / consonant). Other examples are; fist, mend & test.

As children progress through Phase 4 they become increasingly confident in reading and spelling words with a greater numbers of letters and graphemes.

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