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Phase 6

During this phase children become fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers. To become successful readers, children must understand what they read. They need to learn a range of comprehension strategies and should be encouraged to reflect upon what their learning. Over time, children need to develop self-regulated comprehension strategies:

  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Clarifying meanings – with a focus on vocabulary work
  • Generating questions, interrogating the text
  • Constructing mental images during reading
  • Summarising

Working on: 

Recognising phonic irregularities and becoming more secure with less common grapheme-phoneme correspondences

Applying phonic skills and knowledge to recognise and spell an increasing number of complex words.

Addition of suffixes:
-s -es -ing -ed -er -est -y -en -ful -ly -ment -ness -en 

Level 6 Phonics Sound Mat