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Thursday 16th July

Good morning Seahorses.  Only two days left until the summer holidays!


Please complete todays year 1 phonic lesson on the Letters and Sounds Website.


Today we are going to be creating a wanted poster for Burglar Bill. First watch the video of the story.

Now think about the character Burglar Bill. Can you draw a picture of him and label him with adjectives and then fill out the rest of the wanted poster?

You can use the word mat below to help you.



Question 7: What number is one more than 76? How do you know?

Question 8: What time does the watch show?

Lesson 4: Comparing Time

Watch the video on the website and then complete the activities. The questions and answers are saved at the bottom of this page. If you can't print out the sheet draw the things you need into your home learning book.


Log on to BBC Bitesize.

This afternoon we will be looking at colour and creating a collage. Back in the Autumn term we learnt about primary and secondary colours. Can you remember them?


Artists use shapes to draw objects.

Some artists use 2D shapes, eg circles and squares, to create an image or collage.

Other artists may use 3D shapes, eg cubes and spheres, in their work.


We can make collages using different colours and shapes of paper, card, feather or other materials.

You don't have to stick anything down - you could make large scale collages inside or in the garden using different objects.

In the following video, taken from the Schools Art and Design series, artist Emma Majury explains how to make a collage.

Famous artists

Famous artists that use colours and shapes include:

  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Henry Matisse

Activity: Can you create your own collage? I would love to see them. You can email them to us at