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Thursday 21st May


Our grammar focus today is recognising and using adverbs. The powerpoint explains more about what adverbs are and gives you some examples. 

1.Look at the 'Spot the Adverbs' sheet.  Write down all the adverbs you can find in your home learning book.

2. Using the 'Boring Sentence' sheet - can you improve the sentences by using adverbs.  There are three different levels of sheet (1 star being the easiest and 3 star being the hardest).  Write the sentence in your book choosing an interesting adverbs for each one.








Rainbow writing using your spelling words:
First write each word in pencil.  Then trace over each word three times.  Each time you trace, you must use a DIFFERENT colour crayon. Trace neatly and you will see a rainbow!


Lesson 4: The 5 times table

Let's start by joining Grandma and Grandpa at the Beach as they count in 5s!

You have one video and three activities to complete today:


Activity 1:Quiz time!

1. Re-watch Jessie & Friends Episode 2: Sharing Pictures at

2. Read the questions with an adult (in resources below) and decide on the answers together.

Remember that if anything ever worries or upsets you, you can always talk to a trusted adult.  Who might your trusted adults be?

Activity 2: Draw what makes you feel happy!

1. Jessie, Tia and Mo love playing superheroes – it makes them feel happy.

2. Take a sheet of blank paper and fold it into quarters. Open the paper up again. There are now four spaces on the paper. In each space, draw yourself doing something that makes you feel happy – a total of four different activities. These could be things you like to do on their own, or activities you enjoy with friends or family. You can write what you are doing under each picture if they’d like.


Reading the 'Polar Bear Fascinating Facts' sheet and answer the questions in your home learning book.  Can you find your own fascinating facts using the internet?