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Thursday 21st May


Mental Starter: Solve the addition number sentences below.

Please watch the video as it will help with your learning and will explain what you have to do.

Lesson 4: Measure: Introduce weight and mass

The sheets and answers are saved at the bottom of this page.

If you can’t print out the sheets just answer the questions verbally or write which object you think is heavier.


Today we are going to look at words ending in el.

For question one use the words in the box to complete the sentences. Write the sentences out into your book. You can draw a picture to go with each sentence if you would like to.

For question two can you write your own sentences using the words travel, tunnel and squirrel? Remember to start with a capital letter, to use your finger spaces and to add the correct punctuation mark at the end of your sentence.


Today we are going to look at coding in computing. This half term in school we would have been looking at the application scratch junior. It is free to download so you might want to have a go at home.

Computer code is a set of rules or instructions.

It is made up of words and numbers and when you put them in the right order it will tell your computer what you want it to do.

You can program lots of things with code.

Watch this video to find out more about coding.

Rules and instructions given to computers can be used to make them do lots of different things.

In this next film a group of schoolchildren use instructions to tell a robotic toy car to drive around a town plan on the floor of their classroom.

Watch to see how they use three simple instructions to get the computer to drive the car.

Can they get it to drive all the way around the street plan?


Mr Fraser has added a new PE challenge for you to try.