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Thursday 25th February

Mental Maths 

Complete pages 40-41 from your CGP Maths Arithmetic 10 minute weekly workout book.  You can mark your work using the answers in the back.


Image result for 2d shapes pattern

Today we are learning to make patterns with 2D shapes.   Watch the video below:

Complete the sheet in the resources and then mark your work using the answers. 


Complete the Thursday activity on the phonics powerpoint. Tomorrow will be your spelling test day so you might want to spend longer practising these words today. You might also like to complete pages 50-51 from your English CGP book. 


This week you have been looking at the story 'Lost and Found'. 

Watch the story again using the following Youtube clip:

Today you will need to plan the story using the story map attached.  I have also attached an email that you can use to help you. 


Complete one of the handwriting sheets from your pack. 


Read a book on Bug Club today.  Remember that some of your will have your zoom reading session today - make sure you zoom in on time.  Let us know in advance if you need a reminder of the link. 


Image result for Houses of Parliament Monet Series. Size: 206 x 160. Source: www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.comSee the source imageSee the source image

Did you know that Monet painted the same scene many times but changed the colour to create a different mood.  Watch the powerpoint that teaches you more about Monet and shows you how to change the colour on the computer. The you have three choices for your learning task. 

1. Draw or copy and paste and picture into MS Paint.  You will need two copies of the drawing/object.  Colour them in different colours to see how the picture looks different depending on the colour.

2. Print two copies of the picture in the resources.  Colour them by hand and choose different colours for each picture.  How does the picture look different?

3. Draw two of the same pictures in your home learning book.  Colour them in different colours to see how the picture looks different depending on the colour.