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Thursday 5th November


Today we are focusing on retrieving information from a text. Read the text and then answer the questions about the text. Make sure you read the text carefully and look for what the question is asking you to answer. The answers are at the bottom of today’s page, if you get an answer wrong edit it in green pen.



Today we are going to be writing a character description. You have done this many times before but today we are going to improve them to a year 6 piece of writing. Use the Powerpoint to go through tasks and create your own character. Please complete this in your yellow books. Use the different types of description to make me feel what your character is like.



Thursday is our quiz day! You have until 6pm to complete the quiz and there will be dojos awarded for the top 5 quizzers. Go to Kahoot and put in the pin 05181160. Good luck!



Today you will be revising multiplying fractions. Use the Powerpoint to go through the method and then complete pages 32 and 33 your maroon Maths CGP books. The answers are below make sure you use the answers for your book- maths answers 1 and 2 are for if you have the expected book and maths stretch answers 1 and 2 are for if you have  the stretch book.



Complete the handwriting words, remember to focus on your pen grip and seating position. Quality over quantity!



The choice is yours! You have a few options below to choose from so spend an hour doing some different activities and get your heart pumping.



Watch the video and then answer the questions in your yellow books. Then create the poster for Selfie. Please send me a picture of your posters and I will give dojos for creativity and effort.