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Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Dolphins, happy Tuesday! We lost the last Times Table Rock Stars competition but we have another chance; there is a new competition for this week and half term so please make sure you log on and help our class win! Last time only 4 people played so we can definitely do better this time. 



Today we are continuing our angles revision, we are looking at different types of triangles and their properties. Complete the quiz first and then watch the video and complete the tasks as directed.

Hopefully, you will get a better score on the final quiz!



Tuesday is a Read theory day so please spent 20-30 minutes answering the comprehension question- read the questions carefully and think about what it is asking you.



Today we are continuing our learning about instructions. Today our lesson has a reading focus, in this lesson we will be retrieving facts and making inferences.



Some of you enjoyed looking at optical illusions in school so this lesson will be fun; you are going to have a go at creating your own!

Follow the instructions in the video, you can use any equipment you have at home pen or pencil.


Login to TTRS and have a few games!