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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Good morning Seahorses.

Please remember to email pictures of your home learning into school. Two pieces each day. 

Please login to Active Learn (Bugclub) and read one of the online books. Make sure that you answer the comprehension questions. Your login details are in the front of your school reading diary.

Remember if you want to get in contact with us you can email us at:


The phonics play website is once again free for you to use at home.

You can log in using the following link:

The username is: jan21

The password is: home

You can play lots of fun phonics games for free on this website. The children are used to using it in school.

Please complete today’s year 1 phonic lesson on the Letters and Sounds Website. (Lesson 34 ar/au like in author oor like in door)

Mrs Daniell has recorded stories for you to listen to. You can find them on the main class pages section of our school website under storytime. Contact school if you need the password.

Masked reader link

Password is the usual school password.


Listen to the story The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson. Click on the link below to hear the story.

What is the story about? Where do the snail and the whale go?

Today I would like you to write some directions for the snail and the whale using the landmarks in the book to help you. Use the sentence starters first, next, after that, then and finally.

For example: First go past the towering icebergs. Next you will see the fiery mountains and golden sands. After that swim past the caves with sharks.

You can print out the writing template below to use or just write it directly into your home learning book. The template is saved at the bottom of this page. You can pause the story video on the correct page to help you write your directions.

Make sure you use adjectives and remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Mental maths:

In school, we follow white rose maths and there are videos each day that you will be able to access at home. 

Watch the video on the website and then complete the activities. Make sure you watch the correct video each day. Today you need to click on the count in 2s video. The questions and answers are saved at the bottom of this page. If you can't print out the sheet draw the things you need into your home learning book. 

If the activities are too difficult just do the questions that you can and I will provide an easier activity below.



Easier activity:



This half term we are looking at why Jesus told parables. Look through the slides saved below of the parable The Good Samaritan.


A parable is a special story with an important message.  What do you think the story is about? Can you finish the sentence below?

“In the story of the Good Samaritan Jesus is telling us…”

What does the parable teach us about right and wrong actions?  How do you know that what the Good Samaritan did was a right action? What would have happened if he had failed to look after the man?  Jesus told the people who heard the parable to go and live like the Good Samaritan. Samaritan.

Draw a picture or write a sentence saying what you could do to be like the good Samaritan in the story.

It might be things like help someone if they are hurt or share your toys with your brother or sister or help clean up after diner.