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Wednesday 27th January

Mental Maths 

I have 20 spare football cards.

I share them equally between my friends.

How many friends might I have?  Write all the possibilities in your home learning book. 


Watch video below which is about creating a pictogram : and complete the activities on the slides. 

Then finish by answering the questions on page 70 of your Maths CGP book (the green one). 

If you finish quickly, why not play Times Table Rockstars. 


Click on the Phonics PowerPoint below and do the activities for Wednesday learning only.


Do a PE with Joe Wicks workout: (1) PE With Joe - YouTube


Open the handwriting sheet in the documents below.  Write each word 3 times in your home learning book.  Choose 3 of the words and write them into sentences, eg:

I can't wait until my birthday. 


Complete the comprehension text on page 4 of your Reading CGP book (the Owl and the Pussy-cat).