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Wednesday 20th May

Morning Angelfish.  

Just a reminder that you can use Bug Club to read some books and answer some questions online. There a few children who have not logged on at all during your learning at home time and it is a fantastic resource. If you have read the books already let me know and I will change them for you.


Today you will be planning a persuasive text trying to persuade people to visit Epic Citadel for a mini break / holiday. You should open up the PowerPoint for a quick recap on rhetorical questions and then use the planning sheet to plan your text ready to write it tomorrow. As today is just planning you should think about just using key words / phrases / bullet points. It does not need to be in full sentences.

I have included some pictures of Epic Citadel to help on the PowerPoint but you may choose to rewatch the video from yesterday as well. There is also a word mat to help you.


Read ‘Hot Food’ (linked below) and find out the meanings of any words that you do not know.


Today you will be comparing and ordering length.

Watch the video and go through the PowerPoint. Once you have done this choose the learning from the document 1 STAR (starts on page 1) 2 STAR (starts on page 3) or 3 STAR starts on page 6). The answers and included in the document.

Spelling / Handwriting

Write a sentence using each of your spelling words this week to show you understand what they mean. Make sure that you use your neatest joined up writing to complete your sentences.

e.g. Spelling word: explode

Tranio and Livia watched the volcano explode.


Today you will learn about endangered animals.

You should firstly read through the PowerPoint to gather information. For the task in your book you should create a poster to help raise awareness of an endangered species of your choice.

Your poster should include:

  • Pictures
  • Bold titles
  • Key facts and information
  • Rhetorical questions and emotive language