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Wednesday 8th July

** Please can school reading books and library books be returned to school so they can be cleaned ready for September **

Good morning Seahorses. I hope that you are all ok. 


Please complete todays year 1 phonic lesson on the Letters and Sounds Website.


Today we are going to be completing a comprehension activity. I would like you to read the text below and then answer the questions. You might need an adult to help you with some of the reading. The text, questions and answers are saved at the bottom of this page. I have put the middle set of questions here on the website but there are also easier and harder questions saved at the bottom of this page.


Mental Maths:

There are 11 sweets, 7 chocolate bars and 3 cupcakes on the table. How many treats are there altogether?

Lesson 3: Finding a quarter

Watch the video on the website and then complete the activities. The questions and answers are saved at the bottom of this page. If you can't print out the sheet draw the things you need into your home learning book.


Purple mash at home. Today we area going to be having a go at coding.

Instructions for accessing PurpleMash:

1) Go to

2) Type in the username and password (both are year1 with NO spaces)

3) Use the search bar to search ‘Fun with Fish’

4) This is a coding program. Follow the instructions and see if you can make the fish move. There are lots of other coding games for you to try.