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School Reopens on Wednesday 2nd September

The school will reopen on Wednesday 2nd September, please see information on start times below.  

Start times

We strongly advise parents and carers to walk to school. In order to minimise the number of children coming into school at the same time we will be asking families with more than 1 child at school to arrive at 8:35 and families with only one child at school to arrive at 8:40. Children will be dropped off at the pupil gate and will walk in independently. The school gate will be closed just after 8:40. Nursery will operate normal session times of 8:30-11:30 and 12:15-3:15. Nursery parents will pick up and drop off from the Nursery gate and door.


Collections/ One way system

Parents are asked to have just one adult picking up and dropping off for children who live together (where possible leave siblings at home). 


Starfish, Seahorses and Jellyfish will finish at 3:05 – please collect promptly.

Manta Rays, Angelfish, Sea Turtles and Dolphins will finish at 3:15- please collect promptly.


At pick up time parents will enter via the pupil gate and follow the one-way system to the pick-up points for their child’s class, parents then need to leave promptly via the Portugal Road exit, keeping a safe distance from other families. Parents are not allowed to come inside the classroom. If you are waiting for a sibling you need to keep a safe distance from other families.


We will be running breakfast club in September and the paid After School Club provision but will not run any other after school clubs in the first half of the Autumn term.


Full letter sent to parents regarding September start is attached below: