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Manta Rays

Welcome to Manta Rays Class (Year 3)



Mrs Roberts

Class Teacher


Ms Leslie

Teaching Assistant 


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Here is the timetable for Manta Rays Class:


It has been a busy time in Manta rays this month!  We all enjoyed taking part in the Christmas play and singing our songs about how Christmas is celebrated in Australia.  The children did so well, and we are really proud of them. 

In Science, we have been learning about magnetic poles.  The children had fun exploring the poles and finding out that like poles repel and opposite poles attract.  They then created their own magnetic mazes using magnets that attract.


We have continued to learn about Fractions in Maths and have been finding out about equivalent fractions and ordering and comparing fractions.


In DT, we have designed and built our own pneumatic monsters.  The children have loved this project and each made their own monster which they designed themselves.


In Computing we are continuing with our Scratch unit.  The children are becoming confident at programming a sprite to move and make sounds.



In Science, we are learning about Forces and Magnets.  Last week we carried out an investigation to see if friction affects the distance a toy car will travel down a ramp.  The children made their predictions and then tested different surfaces to explore their ideas and come to a conclusion.  This week the children were exploring magnetic and non-magnetic materials and how not all metals are magnetic.

In DT, we are working towards making our own pneumatic monsters using syringes and plastic tubing.  Last week, we explored a range of pneumatic toys and looked at how they work.  It was great fun launching rockets, releasing cars and racing horses!

We have just started our new Literacy unit about instructional writing.  We have been looking at the features of instruction texts and have been looking at imperative verbs as our grammar focus.

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week and the children enjoyed using the Now>Press>Play headphones to explore different scenarios.

We have been really lucky to take part in a fantastic Egyptian workshop from Mr Dilly.  He acted out mummifying a body and the children had the most amazing time!


We have been enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians this half-term, and the children have written some excellent non-chronological reports about human and physical features of Ancient Egypt.

The children enjoyed trying to find out the uses and names of some Egyptian artefacts we borrowed from Chertsey Museum.  Some were very tricky to work out!


We used a digital paint programme to create pyramid pictures and have been learning how to draw a 3D pyramid and add shading and tone to create a realistic image.

We were interested to learn about how pyramids were designed and built, and some children made a 3D pyramid model.  We learnt that pyramids we see today are called ‘step’ pyramids and were designed by an architect called Imhotep over 4000 years ago!

The children had a go at writing their own hieroglyphic messages using the Ancient Egyptian writing code.  The symbols are much trickier to write than our letters!


This week it is International Week and our class have been learning about Italy.  We made pizzas to sell at the food event and welcomed a visitor into our class to teach us some Italian.  We are able to find Italy on a map and discuss some Italian landmarks.

In computing we have been learning about online safety and how every time we go online we live a ‘digital footprint’.  We know how important it is to keep ourselves online and to think about the information we share with others.


The children have settled into Manta Rays class really well and have been enjoying starting to learn about the Ancient Egyptians. They have been learning about where to find Egypt on the map and finding out more about the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt.  

In Literacy, we are using the text, ‘There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath!’ and we are using a variety of adverbs in writing.  The children are excited that they can start using a pen to write in Year 3!

In Science, we are learning about healthy eating and bones.

In Maths, we are learning about place value and how to represent 2 and 3-digit numbers in different ways.

The children are showing great team work skills in PE and are learning different skills in Netball.

We celebrated Queen Elizabeth’s life by creating some line drawings of some photos of her in Art.


We visited Woking Library and enjoyed finding out about all the different types of books stocked in the library, how to find a fiction book using the author’s surname and taking part in a quiz.