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Maybury News

Have a look at some of the events that have been taking place in our school.

Cinderella Panto Visit - Thursday 13th December

On Thursday 13th December the entire school visited the New Victoria Theatre in Woking to watch this year's panto Cinderella! It was a fantastic show, with lots of added sparkle and magic.  Once again the special effects were truly stunning and the children watched in amazement as a horse drawn carriage came out from the stage and into the audience!

International Food Event - Thursday 18th October 

We held our annual International Food Event  on Thursday 18th October.  We celebrated many countries including China, Mexico, Pakistan and the USA!  We were very lucky with the weather this year and the sun stayed out all afternoon.   Along with support from all the staff at Maybury and Parents/Carers we raised an impressive £249.40!  Well done!  These much needed funds will go towards School Fund to benefit all the children in their daily activities!  Thank you!


Swimming - 1st October to 5th October 2018

Last week the children in Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 all participated in a week’s intensive swimming course.  Research shows that children make accelerated progress swimming on consecutive days rather than once a week.


The “Learn to Swim” program took place at Goldsworth Primary School.  The sessions focussed on building confidence in the water as well as learning to swim.


It was certainly a busy week but all the children enjoyed their swimming lessons.  Throughout the week the child were assessed and for many there had been a vast improvement!  Well done!




Whole School Maths Problem Solving Day

On Monday 10th September 2018, the whole school took part in a very exciting maths problem solving day.  All the children took part in activities that were designed to test, develop and engage. They also provided a focus on reasoning and problem solving skills.  It was challenging, yet fun!

Spider's French Cafe
As part of Spiders’ Class Spring topic, they held a French café in their classroom on Tuesday 30th January 2018.  The children helped to prepare and sell food including baguettes, croissants and french fancies.  Staff and parents joined Spiders Class and enjoyed their French café experience.          Thank you to Miss Briggs, Mrs Hussain and all the children in Spiders' Class!





Whole School Panto Visit - Thursday 14th December

The whole school visited the New Victoria Theatre in Woking on Thursday 14th December to watch the Robin Hood pantomime.  Everyone had a great time!            The special effects included an amazing 3D show and even a very realistic T-Rex dinosaur!

International Food Day - Thursday 19th October 2017

A very big thank you for your support at our annual International Food Event held on Thursday 19th October.  This is our third year holding this event and it certainly proved to be the most successful one to date.  Along with support from all the staff at Maybury and Parents/Carers we raised an impressive £532.22!  Well done!  These much needed funds will go towards School Fund to benefit all the children in their daily activities!  Thank you!


Congratulations to Mishaal!

Mrs Daniell and Mrs Sullivan were delighted to accompany Mishaal to the Institute of Education to receive a Reading Recovery children's award. Well done Mishaal!

Ducklings Hatching at Maybury

Another extremely exciting event this term is having "Incredible Eggs" in school.  We have been watching six eggs hatch into these beautiful ducklings.  The whole school has been eagerly checking up on the duckling's progress all week.  One duckling hatched with a crooked neck, and everyone was very worried that he wouldn't survive as he couldn't stand up properly or get to the water to drink.  Overnight on the second day he made a dramatic recovery and is now ruling the roost!  We have called him Wonky.  You can see him in action below.

Mobile Farm Visit

We have been very lucky this term have had a visit from Mill Cottage Mobile Farm.  Lots of animals arrived including Sheep, goats, donkeys, Turkeys, piglets and even puppies!  The children loved it and enjoyed a hands on experience with the animals.



After School Club

The After School Club is nearly completing it's first term at Maybury Primary School.  All the children have really enjoyed attending. 

Each session costs £8.00 for pre-booked sessions and £10.00 on the day.  If you are interested in booking your child into the After School Club, please see the office.  Each session includes a healthy snack and a craft activity.



School Catering Wins Gold Soil Association Award.

Congratulations to Mrs Greer and her Catering Team for winning this prestigious award.  Our fantastic caterers constantly dish up wonderful food and we especially love their amazing biscuits!

Our Fabulous Reading Recovery Teacher wins Award!

On Friday the 10th June, our Reading Recovery Leader, Linda Daniels was presented with an award for Reading Recovery Teacher of the Year!  Mrs Daniels was one of only 12 teachers who won this award nationwide.  Congratulations from all at Maybury for such a well-deserved achievement.

Wells in Woking - Ants Class are in Print!

Congratulations to Ants class whose story 'The Final Myth; A new Greek Legend' has made the 150th Anniversary Souvenir Programme.