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The PE days for the Spring term 2 are as follows for each class:


Thursday and Friday

Seahorses (Year 1)

Monday and Thursday

Jellyfish (Year 2)

Wednesday and Friday

Manta Rays (Year 3)

Wednesday and Thursday 

Angelfish (Year 4)

Tuesday and Wednesday

Sea Turtles (Year 5)

Tuesday and Wednesday

Dolphins (Year 6)

Monday and Friday

The children will need to wear their correct PE kit on their PE day. Correct PE kit consists of:

  • Sky blue Maybury t-shirt
  • Navy blue or black hooded jacket
  • Navy blue or black jogging bottoms
  • Trainers (only lace up if your child can tie their own laces please).

Exciting events

PE lessons

This half term, we are learning racket and ball skills through tennis. We will be looking at using rackets, playing practice and competitive games, aiming shots and controlling a ball.

We are also learning about movement skills through dance. In this, each class are focusing on a different topic and learning and improvising different movements to match, using a piece of music as inspiration and expressing themselves through dance movements to create a routine.

After school clubs

Spring term sports clubs:

  • Sporty games club for KS1
  • Football for KS1
  • Tennis for KS2
  • Football for KS2