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Please see below our amazing Maybury Team!

  • Mrs Merritt


  • Mrs Butler

    Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs Sullivan

    Assistant Headteacher

  • Mrs Gale

    Nursery Teacher (Mon, Tues, Weds AM)

  • Mrs Gigg

    Nursery Teacher (Weds PM, Thurs, Fri)

  • Miss Nabbi

    Nursery Nurse

  • Mrs Salim

    Early Years Teaching Assistant (AM)

  • Mrs Chaudhry

    Early Years Practitioner (PM)

  • Mrs Inwood

    Special Needs Assistant

  • Mrs Eldred

    Starfish Class Teacher

  • Mrs Partner

    Early Years Practitioner Starfish Lunchtime Learning Leader

  • Mrs Torzillo

    Starfish Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Horne

    Seahorses Class Teacher

  • Mrs England

    Seahorses Teaching Assistant Senior Lunchtime Learning Leader

  • Miss Rieti

    Jellyfish Class Teacher

  • Miss Leslie

    Jellyfish Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Roberts

    Manta Rays Class Teacher (Mon, Tues, Weds PM)

  • Mrs Butler

    Manta Rays Class Teacher (Weds AM, Thurs, Fri)

  • Mrs Rehman

    Manta Rays Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Gregg

    Special Needs Assistant

  • Miss Frew

    Angelfish Class Teacher

  • Mrs Walker

    Angelfish Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Wickenden

    Learning Partner

  • Mrs Zalman

    Sea Turtles Class Teacher

  • Mrs Hussain

    Sea Turtles Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Sanderson

    Special Needs Assistant

  • Mrs Melling

    Class Teacher Key Stage Two Phase Leader (On Maternity Leave)

  • Mrs Petersford

    Dolphins Class Teacher

  • Miss Pettengell


  • Miss Booysen


  • Mrs Daniell

    Reading Recovery Teacher

  • Mrs Hussain

    Home School Link Worker

  • Mr Allen

    Music Teacher (Thurs)

  • Mrs Rees

    School Business Manager

  • Mrs Henry

    Office Assistant / PA to Head

  • Mrs Lock

    Office Assistant

  • Miss Toms

    Office Assistant

  • Mr Sullivan

    Premises Manager

  • Mrs Dickson

    Catering Supervisor

  • Mrs Ahmed

    Catering Assistant

  • Mrs Akhtar

    Catering Assistant