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Stay and Play sessions

Stay and Play sessions are held each week for Reception parents. Every Monday morning, parents (or grandparents and other carers) are invited to ‘Stay and Play’ with their children in the classroom. They play for 30 minutes, from 8.40am  to 9.10am. Areas of learning are set out and 'We are learning to… cards' are placed in each area of provision. These explain the learning intention and the steps needed to achieve it.

This is an amazing opportunity to play and learn alongside your child in the classroom environment. Different activities will be set up for you to enjoy. Your child may want you to learn outside sometimes so remember to bring a coat with you! You are welcome to spend time looking at your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ which you are welcome to contribute to at any time. Unfortunately due to Health and Safety younger siblings are not able to attend these sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you into our classroom.