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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Maybury Primary School! As the Headteacher since September 2013, I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the wonderful children and families within our school community. Our website aims to offer you a glimpse into the life at our school.

Maybury Primary is an ambitious school with high expectations for all children, and we take immense pride in our achievements, notably our 'Good' OFSTED inspection in June 2023 which highlighted that "pupils adore school". Additionally, our Early Years provision has been rated as 'Outstanding', Children have an outstanding start to their education in the early years. 

We have worked diligently to create a nurturing and caring environment where every child can attain the essential skills, knowledge and vocabulary for their future. Our approach focuses on the holistic development of each child enabling all children to thrive. Through our stimulating and engaging curriculum, we provide enriching experiences, ensuring that every day is meaningful at Maybury. Our motto, "Believe. Succeed. Achieve.", encapsulates the spirit of our school.

We are a multicultural school, we celebrate diversity and instil in our children the values of equality and respect. Our school is built on Values Based Education, fostering an inclusive, welcoming, and caring ethos. We believe that our core values are instrumental in inspiring growth and learning for our children.

We highly value our partnership with parents and recognise the crucial role it plays in a child's education. We aim to work closely with parents to build strong home-school relationships. Furthermore, we foster a safe and inclusive environment where pupils flourish.

Warmest wishes

Mrs A. Merritt

Maybury Primary School


Maybury Primary School has been described by Ofsted as having high expectations for its students, promoting a vision of 'believe, succeed, achieve'. Pupils show excellent behaviour alongside an ambitious curriculum tailored to motivate pupils to give their best and think of others. The school fosters a safe and inclusive environment where pupils flourish and develop essential skills for their future.

What is it like to be a student at Maybury? Our OFSTED inspection highlighted a motivational curriculum and flourishing and kind pupils.

The school's vision of 'believe, succeed, achieve' is evident in every aspect of school life. Students are taught about inspiring individuals and encouraged to embrace diversity. The behaviour in classrooms, around the school, and on the playground is exemplary, with very few instances of minor disruptions. Students have a strong grasp of the school values, such as resilience, positivity, and kindness, and strive to embody them in their daily lives. Additionally, they take great pleasure in learning how to care for Max and Bob, the school guinea pigs.

"A recent anti-racism workshop helped pupils to understand tolerance and difference well."

Positive behaviour and values: The pupils display kindness and respect towards both adults and their peers. In the rare instances of bullying claims, leaders thoroughly investigate them. The pupils report that the staff actively listen to their concerns, which are taken seriously. As a result, the pupils feel safe within the school environment. The pupils thrive in this setting, expressing their adoration for the school and their enjoyment of the diverse clubs available, such as cricket and photography.

"Maybury Primary School is at the heart of the community, with parents and carers appreciating the successful promotion of a community spirit by leaders."

An ambitious curriculum: The curriculum effectively inspires students to excel and consider others. With a curriculum customised to meet the specific needs of the school community, students are exposed to an understanding of the wider world and are encouraged to embrace the diverse cultures represented in the school. Students learning progresses smoothly from their starting points in Nursery to the desired outcomes by Year 6 through teachers with a strong grasp of their respective subjects.

Leaders at Maybury make sure that disadvantaged pupils consistently benefit from everything the school has to offer. Staff support these pupils well in lessons to access the same learning as their classmates.

"The school has created an ambitious curriculum tailored to the needs of the school community. Pupils achieve well in most subjects, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and disadvantaged pupils."

Reading and Phonics: Pupils excel in their reading abilities, becoming confident and fluent readers. Starting from Nursery, pupils have a genuine love for reading and eagerly engage in listening to stories and rhymes. They actively seek out a wide range of reading materials. The staff at Maybury Primary School are highly skilled in teaching phonics and ensure that any students who may face difficulties receive personalised and expert support. As a result, pupils quickly catch up and make significant progress.

"Pupils become confident and fluent readers quickly, thanks to skilled staff delivering an agreed approach to teaching phonics. Support is provided to pupils who struggle, ensuring they catch up swiftly."

Early years to drive creativity and imagination: During the early years, children become immersed in activities that spark their interest and build upon prior knowledge. Their imagination and creativity flourish. Adults are aware of and employ the vocabulary they want children to acquire. In turn, children confidently utilise this vocabulary during playtime. For instance, in a classroom ice-cream parlour, children comfortably use words like "scoop," "cone," and "sprinkles."

"Children have an outstanding start to their education in the early years, with staff expertly guiding them to deepen their knowledge and understanding through engaging activities."

Personal Development Program: Maybury offers an exceptional personal development program, preparing pupils for life post-school. The curriculum teaches safety, both offline and online. All students participate in enterprise weeks, learning money management and budgeting, also engaging in fundraising initiatives. A careers week with motivational guests inspires students. Pupils also understand protected characteristics relevant to their age, acknowledging the importance of equality and fairness.

"The school provides an exceptional personal development program that prepares pupils for life beyond Maybury. This includes teaching them about staying safe, financial literacy, and career aspirations."

Strong safeguarding culture: The culture of safeguarding is robust. The safety of students, both within and outside of school, is a top priority for all staff members. Regular and effective training is provided to ensure that everyone is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Leaders consistently discuss current safeguarding issues with staff members weekly.

This proactive approach has resulted in staff members having a strong understanding of the potential risks, particularly within the local area.

"The school's safeguarding arrangements are effective, with a strong culture of keeping pupils safe. Regular training, diligent record-keeping, and effective collaboration with external services ensure the well-being of pupils and their families."

Please follow the link to view our recent Ofsted report.

Join us at Maybury, where we prioritise positivity and provide an exceptional curriculum for our community.